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Yuletide letter

Dear Yuletide Writer,

First of all, YAY! I am sure I will love anything, since it means a) you have seen/read the fandom in question and b) I am pretty sure very little if anything at all exists in any of them! (Yes, I am that evil person who always tries to request the most obscure fandoms ever.)

I read gen, het, slash, femslash, poly, etc. I am also fine with any rating level. For some reason, I feel like epic, over-the-top stuff this year: lush imagery or weird crossovers or alternate universes, fantasy and imagination and melodrama. Of course, now that I have said that, I can also see tiny, small intimate stories in each of these fandoms as well.

I also want to emphasize that the possible prompts are just that. They are pretty random and just what I could think of at the moment. I would love to be surprised this year! I am curious to see what you were contemplating when you signed up, especially since these fandoms are so so tiny.

Things I like: Female characters. I am fine with changing the gender of any of the characters (including no gender or several genders) or slash, but I'd prefer it not be all cismen all the time. Femslash = double yay! I am also fine with a change in setting/ethnicity/whatever, though please no whitewashing.

Things I would rather avoid: Something problematic on the social justice level. Rape. Dark and twisted and messed up is fine, though please no "Rocks fall, everyone dies!"

Grand Guignol Orchestra (Elestial/Spinel)
I love the over-the-top cracktasticness of this series, and although it's not as misogynistic as some of Yuki Kaori's other series, I would love something about the women and girls. I have Elestial and Spinel written in there and forgot to check to see if Gemsilica was on the character list D:! I am ok with just having a single one in there, or any permutation of them.

Possible prompts: Something exploring how Cordelia becomes Gemsilica or something about her time as the cold cruel queen. Eles/Lucille or hinted Eles/Lucille (I have issues about the visual age difference so maybe older Eles? Or just hints of affection and kindness?). Eles by herself, getting more story and character than she does in the series. Spinel and her background. Spinel kicking ass. Spinel/Lucille. Heck, Spinel/Gemsilica/Eles in any permutation and rating and romance level.

Lonesome Eden
I would love absolutely anything! I am up for cracktastic or something as wistful and bittersweet as the source or who knows!

Possible prompts: Stories about the people who visit the doll, the doll and zir companion afterward, something exploring the universe and God, something in which this is an alien universe that crosses over with something (OMG Yuki Kaori or CLAMP BWAHA).

Qing Hua Ci
Again, I would love anything! Meta, cracktasticness, tragic romance, and etc. all appreciated! I don't mind changing the ethnicity or nationality of the characters, but I would really love if they stayed POC. I also don't mind gender switching or slash or femslash, though I prefer femslash.

Possible prompts: Who are these people? Why do they get reincarnated? Maybe more stories of reincarnation? Maybe the story of the vase?

Bride with White Hair (Lian Nichang)
Really, I am caught by the epic love story of Lian Nichang and Zhou Yihang, and I love love love that final image of him in the snow with the single flower, both of them forever waiting. I have no idea how to continue their story without losing that tragic edge though.

Possible prompts: Lian Nichang's time in the evil cult. Her raised by wolves. A continuation of the story in a way I cannot even think of right now!

Again, thank you so much, and I hope you have a lot of fun writing the story!

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