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[Fic] Nikita: Roleplay

Spoilers: For the premise of the series
Summary: Five roles we haven't seen Jaden play.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] labellementeuse for Yuletide 2010

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Nikita is another version of La Femme Nikita, in which Nikita used to be an agent for Division, a shady black ops group that ostensibly helps out the government but really hires itself out to the highest bidder. She's currently trying to bring down Division. Jaden is the black girl who's the rival of Alex, a recruit in Division, and I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for them to get awesome frenemy stuff or for Jaden to get more character development, but so far, no such luck.


Apparently this year's Yuletide theme for me is "all girls, all the time."

"21st Century Girls" gave me so much trouble that I wanted to write a fun, fast treat for someone, my version of "fun" and "fast" mainly being 5 things and not too much dialogue and little snippets of somewhat dystopic scenes. I've been watching the show as it airs, so I didn't need much source review, and the recipient basically seemed to want the exact same thing from the show and the fandom that I wanted. The only thing was, she also wanted something explicit, and I have a) never written femslash before and b) I rarely write sex. On the other hand... fun! Femslash! NO PLOT! Even so, I think writing 9000+ words of plot had an effect on me, since this piece has way more action and less description than most of my things.

The only thing I am sad about in the fic is that I didn't manage to get in explicit Jaden/Nikita or Jaden/Nikita/Alex and only wrote one explicit Jaden/Alex scene, but hopefully there is a lot of slashy subtext.

Also, now I kind of want someone to write Jaden as Nikita, Alex as Michael, and Nikita as Percy, as well as Nikiita training both Jaden and Alex to infiltrate Division.

And! I wrote sex and hopefully it was hot and did not suck!

Mostly, though, all I have as commentary is: show! Pls to have more stuff like this?

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