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Dear Doer of Darkness


Yay and thank you both for doing something for me and for participating in the challenge! I am super excited and really really hope Kaleidoscope goes on, so I have a lot of vested interest in this!

I like all types of stories! Although my only request is that if the characters are canonically queer, I'd prefer it if they weren't de-queered! I also really love all the worlds in the fandoms I picked, so I'm also completely fine if you want to do artwork about the world, or stuff with original characters, or whatever else you can think of! Have fun!

Peking Opera Blues
Mostly I just want more with the three women! I am good with femslash or gen or het, though really my favorite is Tsao Wan. Tsao Wan backstory would also be awesome, or a vid of the movie (or of Brigitte Lin hahahaha). Completely random ideas: what happens after? What would this look like if it were SET IN SPACE (insert other cool AU ideas here)?! Crossovers with other HK movies! Have fun!
(I know this movie is super hard to find, but if anyone is interested, I can help out with that...)

Effluent Engine
Really, I just want more in this world. I am also totally happy with something that features completely original characters, or art that's just of scenery or items in the world (maps! lost documents! who knows!), or anything fleshing out the setting and worldbuilding further. Er, though if you do do something with Eugenie and Jessaline, I'd prefer no het.
Read it here!

Night Wanderer
I love what Taylor did with vampire mythology and Anishinaabe history, and I'd especially love something exploring that. Pierre's adventures we don't see? Other Anishinaabe vampires? Native vampire congregations? What happens to Tiffany after?

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