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Yuletide letter

Hi Yuletide writer,

I'm sorry this is up so late! Anyway, as always, optional details are optional!

7 Seeds

I would love to know more about the world! I'm curious about 7 Seeds programs from other countries, or other shelters like the one Mark was at, or all the background politicking that I'm sure was going on when Japan was putting together its teams. I am totally fine with original characters, though I tend to prefer ones that are diverse in some way (i.e. kind of sick of all the young, white, cis, het, non-disabled men out there). I would also love to know more about any of the character's background from before they woke up in the post-apocalyptic world, particularly Chisa, Fujiko, Matsuri, Ran, Natsu, the psychic cousins, etc. I'm also good with any character you like! Or tell me more about Ayu or Koruri or Nijiko and how they're adjusting to the new world.

As you can probably tell from the request, I am totally okay with something that doesn't have any of the canonical characters in it if that's where you want to go. I'd definitely appreciate it if any OCs weren't all the standard white cis guys. I've read up through volume 23.

Angel Sanctuary

Kurai, Mad Hatter/Belial, Sevothtarte

The character list is more an OR instead of an AND, so any focus on any of the above characters is fine. This is also one of the fandoms I frequently request because the world is so big and there are so many characters to cover! I'd love to know more about Kurai's royal life, or the time when she and the Mad Hatter are thrown together. I also love pretty much everything about the Mad Hatter/Belial. And I wonder about Sevothtarte/Laila (sp?) and what they might have been thinking throughout the series, or when she decided to become Sevothtarte.

Given the source material, dark and gothic is very okay! I've read the entire series.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Kagee Shoujo/Shadow Play Girls, Arisugawa Juri

The character list is more an OR than an AND. I've always loved Juri in the series, especially how bitter she is about love and miracles and whatnot to Utena and how she ends up believing in them anyway. Her duel when she destroys her own rose is one of my favorites. What happens to her after the series? Does she ever get over Shiori? Or: the shadow play girls! They are the best!!! What in the world is their story? Do they do stuff after the series? How did they end up as shadow play girls anyway? Do the characters ever learn about them?

I've seen the entire series, the movie, and read the manga. I'm up for any version of the canon, or combinations thereof, though I do love the series the best. I'm also fine with OCs or whatever completely off the wall thing you can think of, given that it's Utena!

Bride with White Hair

Lian Nichang

I got awesome fic for this before, but the ending of the movie is so sad and tragic that I keep wanting more good endings for the two main characters. More Lian Nichang backstory is also always good, or what happens to her after the movie (I generally pretend the second movie is fanon or doesn't exist). Also, uh, as you can probably tell, something that reunites the star-crossed lovers with a lot of angst and regrets and etc.

I'm kind of curious, does she ever visit him later? What happens with the flower? What was it like growing up with wolves?

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